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A new dimension of facial cleansing

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Pure and radiant skin in a jiffy with the ZEITGARD Cleansing Brush! The innovative electric face cleansing brush optimises conventional skin cleansing. Removes make-up and other residues up to 10 times more efficiently without additionally stressing the skin.
Microsilver inside – Unique hygiene concept: The filaments of the curved brush head especially developed for LR ensure impeccable hygiene for up to 3 months thanks to the antibacterial effect of the active agent Microsilver BG™. Microsilver BG™ acts like a protective shield: it reduces bacteria on the skin and prevents their regeneration.

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A new level of skin cleansing
The innovative ZEITGARD Cleansing Brush optimises traditional skin cleansing. It offers a more effective and gentle way of facial cleansing.

Can Money Make You Happy ? Test it !

The interaction of the electric brush and the particularly developed cleansing texture creates a fine net that dissolves, traps and thoroughly removes skin debris. Your skin is optimally prepared for subsequent facial care. The skin texture is refined and appears smoother and full of radiance – an issue for women and men alike!

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