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Up to 10 times more efficient

the noble spa | The ZEITGARD Cleansing Brush ensures highly efficient cleansing down to the pores. Scientific studies conducted by Institut Dermatest GmbH have shown that the device cleanses the skin up to 10 times more efficiently than traditional manual cleansing. With more than 7,000 vibrations per minute, the oscillation brush head removes all traces of dust, dirt and make-up. Thanks to the oscillating technology, the brush head vibrates at a very high speed. Compared to rotating brushes, skin debris is removed in a more thorough and gentle way. *Application tested on 40 persons over a period of 6 weeks

Dr. Voss | The effect of ZEITGARD

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For eternity people have longed for eternal youth and beauty in their dreams. The integrated ZEITGARD Anti-Age Management helps you stop time and to preserve the youthfulness of your facial skin. ZEITGARD has been specifically designed for professional use at home. Rely on innovative technology which you previously only knew from beauty salons. In just three simple steps you will achieve lasting results. You will begin with a thorough deep skin facial cleansing, preparing your skin for further care. This is followed by an anti-age treatment which can smooth skin wrinkles and stimulates deeper layers of the skin with a noticeable, immediate effect. The final step is a comprehensive, skin-type-specific restoring care, which contributes to the regeneration of the skin and should give you a long lasting young and fresh look. Do not wait any longer; turn your clock back now. Take your beauty into your own hands with ZEITGARD.

Unique hygiene concept with immediate effect

SingaporeThe ZEITGARD cleansing concept is thought out to the very last detail and was tested by an accredited German institute. The brush filaments remove all impurities and at the same time ensure impeccable hygiene for up to 3 months thanks to the antibacterial effect of the MICROSILVER technology. Long-standing research and development expertise has made LR Health & Beauty one of the leading providers of the MICROSILVER technology. With the ZEITGARD Cleansing Brush, this wealth of experience has now been applied to a cosmetic care device for the first time, as the brush filaments are enriched with MICROSILVER BGTM.

It consists of pure silver powder with a highly porous, spongy structure that removes bacteria and prevents their regeneration. The softly rounded filaments ensure soft cleansing. The filaments are deliberately positioned at a wider distance to each other to allow for a better oscillating movement and improved air circulation which ensures fast drying. There are two brush versions available: The sensitive brush is characterised by a very soft and pleasant skin feeling. The classic brush has stronger fibres and gently removes significantly more and coarser impurities.

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